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            By using advanced technology, Shenzhen ENCODER Optics-Electronics Technology Co., Ltd engage in research, development and production of robust heavy-duty photoelectric encoders with character of high reliability and precision, which could be applicable under any harsh environment. 
             Located in State Level Torch Innovation Park of Shekou, Shenzhen, we are holding a dozen of patents for photoelectric encoder technology, and we acquired financial support from Innovation Funds of the State and local government. Our products are designed for both domestic and export sales at series of heavy-duty incremental, absolute and multi-turn absolute, are widely applied for large and medium size engines in the areas of metallurgy, mines, seaports, cranes, wind power, paper manufacture, engineering machinery, CNC machining center, military and aerospace industry.
    We have first class professionals in photoelectric encoder technology engaging in research and development for long period. Some series of our products were rewarded National Awards for Science and Technology Progress. We could custom-tailor products to meet clients’ differential need and we strive to build up ENCODER brand as high end encoders in China.
             We have independent intellectual property rights for all products. The design of machinery and electrical interface are compatible with imported products. We fulfilled localization of imported encoders for a number  of clients and win their applauses by our product’s excellent peformance.
             We are certified ISO 9001:2008 Quality Control system. All the products have two-year warranty.
    深圳市英科達光電技術有限公司 2012 版權所有   粵ICP備15022981號-1  技術支持:心雨在線